Perfect Wedding Brows

How much time should you allow to get your brows looking their best?

Try to start your brow grooming once a month for at least 6 months before you walk down the isle. This will give your brows the best chance to recover from any over plucking/waxing or threading over the years. It will also ensure that your brows are as symmetrical as they can be for your wedding photos.

How soon before the wedding should your final appointment be?

Depending on whether your skin is sensitive to breakouts or not will determine how soon before the wedding day you should have your brows sculpted. Generally a week to 10 days if you have sensitive skin and 4 to 5 days if you are not prone to redness or breakouts after threading. If you are having your brows tinted then 4/5 days is a safe time frame if you want let your brows fade slightly to create a more natural finish.

What if years of over plucking have left you with sparse brows? Is there anything which can be done to achieve that fuller, bushy look?

If your brows are sparse and you are trying to create a fuller look you have three choices. Firstly, you can have them tinted which will pick up all the tiny blonde downey hairs that you can’t see which will make them look a lot fuller. You can also opt for Brow Extensions which can be useful for brows that have large gaps. However, they are high maintenance and refills are advised every 2 weeks approximately. If you are looking for something a little more permanent you can choose to have a Microblading Semi-Permanent Brow Tattoo dont which will last 18 months. If this is what you decide to do I would advise you do not get it just before your wedding. I recommend having it done at least 6 months before to ensure you are happy with the shape and tone of your brows. Your makeup artist will always lightly fill your brows in for the wedding pictures on the morning of your special day.

What are your major brow do’s or don’ts?

ALWAYS!…. gently brush through your brows with a clean mascara wand when your brows have been filled in to soften any sharp lines that may look too harsh in pictures. This will help to blend the brow product to the hairs instead of the product just sitting on the skin and looking false.

Never use a black pencil on your brows, even if you have black hair. There are Ebony and Charcoal brow products available which are still slightly lighter in tone to black which will always look far better against your skin regardless of the natural tone of your skin.

Stick to what suits you best! These days most people dream of having big brows but it doesn’t suit everyone. Especially those with deep set eyes and a small brow bone. Be realistic as to what will compliment your eyes to most. are beautified to enhance and open those peepers and anything too heavy will do the exact opposite and overshadow your eye socket! Keep your expectations real and take the advice given by your professional therapist.

The less stress the better leading up to your big day so try to stick with the same brow artist as much as possible for at least the last 3/4 visits before the wedding day. This will help you get to where you want faster without any disappointments along the way.

Do you have any products in particular which you recommend for perfectly coiffed brows on the day?

I adore The Cailyn Gelux Brow Pomade. I love how compact it is as it comes with a brush attached to the lid. It’s lasting power is fantastic as it is like a dry putty and doesn’t budge. Ideal for brides, easy to apply and the pigments are intense and sit on the skin smoothly without going shiny. There is also a wax built into the product which will keep your brows where they are supposed to be throughout to day.

Finally, is there anything else you recommend to really make the eyes pop for the big day?
The Yumi Lash Perm and Tint is very popular amongst our brides. It is a super treatment for those who have plenty of natural lashes but want to open up and brighten the eye area. It will lift and curl their natural lashes and also tint them. We recommend having this treatment done 2 weeks before your wedding. This treatment lasts up to 10 weeks.

For those looking to thicken and lengthen their natural lashes the Russian Volume Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions are the perfect choice for Brides. These ultra fine luxurious silk lashes are so light you can’t even feel them. They are customised to suit the shape of your eye and the look you are going for on the day. We recommend having a trial set done for your hen party to ensure you are happy with the length and style of your lashes and then 3/4 days before your wedding for your bridal set. These lashes will last you up to 6 weeks. If your are going on honeymoon after your wedding these are a super option for your holiday.

– Claudine King

(as featured in Social & Personal)

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